Allbiz Supplies website

Allbiz Supplies is a printing and office supplies retailer who have expanded into new areas including education supplies, cleaning and safety equipment, kitchen supplies, and craft. Their design department now handles both print and web design.

Due to the diverse nature of their work, Allbiz maintains two separate eCommerce websites:

These sites are provided by third-party vendors. I host Allbiz’s main site,, plus I host their email, and a handful of other sites:

  • An eCommerce site to take orders for custom cut vinyl lettering (
  • A timesheet app (a web app I built as a side project, to help the staff submit their timesheets each week).
  • A wiki for procedures and other company knowledge (made with MediaWiki, the same software that powers Wikipedia).

Allbiz’s main site,, has been through several iterations, and the most recent two versions were built by me. The penultimate version was an expansive site with an original design, containing dozens of pages detailing product specs and price lists.

A mockup for the penultimate website, created by Allbiz Supplies’ graphic designer, Dannielle Hanley. The design successfully fulfilled Allbiz’s requirements for an original, distinctive design while also remaining faithful to the existing brand idendity.

However, this website became redundant as the business grew, and much of its functionality was moved to Allbiz’s two eCommerce sites.

Using the existing design as a guide, I rebuilt a pared-down version of the main site, which now functions as a portal and general information site, designed to funnel customers to whichever storefront has the product they’re looking for.

Since the new, pared-down website contains fewer pages, I reverted to a more classic page layout and navigation interface. However, I carried over the portal menu from the homepage because it is such a distinctive design element.

The original portal mockup. The Allbiz brand includes four different colours, one for each department: yellow (Print), red (Office & Education Supplies), blue (Furniture), and black (Design). This design makes use of the whole palette and extrapolates from the shape of the logo.