Touched by Fire website

Touched by Fire is a travelling exhibition centred on the mural of the same name, painted by Derek Walsh to memorialise his experience in Vietnam and pay tribute to the Australian soldiers and civilians who were killed in the war. The exhibition also includes an extensive collection of artefacts including medals, insignia, equipment, and uniforms.

The curator, Graham Bridgland, needed a website which made it easy to people to view the mural, and the exhibition pieces, online. The mural also needed to be supported by a roll of honour, which identifies all of the people killed and their place on the mural.

Since the website rarely needs to be updated, I built a static site which focuses on loading the mural quickly, and which makes it easy to navigate between the mural’s panels. The site’s visual style is heavily inspired by the design of the original information book for the exhibition. The site also features a gallery of photos from various exhibitions events.